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DIN 1.4876

There are various reputed and leading manufacturers available that are offering their customers best and high-quality flanges. But, there is a need to choose the best then people often choose Incoloy DIN 1.4876 Flanges. There are several reasons to choose these flanges like excellent corrosion resistance, resistance to pitting and cracking, high tensile strength, durability, workability, fine finishing and long functional life. These flanges are connected with another flange using fastener or bolts and create a better connection. You can find them being used in the petrochemical industry, chemical processing industry, food processing industry and the marine industry.



These Incoloy DIN 1.4876 Flanges are manufactured with the help of top-notch quality of raw material that is well tested and inspected in accordance with international quality standards. The size of these flanges varies from ½ NB to 60 NB and includes standards like ANSI, ASME, EN, DIN, and ASTM. Furthermore, these flanges are divided into various pressure classes like class 150, class 800 and class 2500. You can easily buy these flanges in different shapes and sizes and in different types at a reasonable price.

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