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DIN 2.4858

If you are searching flanges, then you arrived at the right destination. You can use Incoloy DIN 2.4858 flanges for high strength assemblies. These useful for plenty of engineering and industrial applications, Chromium content of flanges gives resistance to oxidizing conditions, such as aid solutions, nitrates, and oxidizing salts. These flanges avoid stress corrosion cracking and have a good weldability by the conventional process. These place significant roles for fabricating heat exchanger or chemical processing industries. It opposes creep and rupture against impact loadings and resists stress cracking or oxidizing damages. Incoloy flanges are able to withstand in elevated temperatures with eliminating expansions.




ASTM B564/ ASME SB564 is the common specification of flanges, UNS NO8825 is the material grade of flanges. Size varies from ½” to 36” and other custom sizes. Flat, ring, hex, square shapes of Incoloy DIN 2.4858 flanges. Qualified crude materials are processed for manufacturing, harden by annealing or other heat treatment process, manufactured flanges go through with certain test like positive material, intergranular, radiographic or other tests as per customer requirements, then it will pack in wooden boxes for exporting.

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