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DIN 2.4858

Incoloy DIN 2.4858 Plates are being made from nickel, iron, chromium, titanium and copper alloy. And all these Compositions provide the best resistance quality to reduce the environment from acid like phosphoric and sulphuric acids. This plate of Incoloy alloy provides you with the good manufacturing properties with they can be easily resistance in both the moderately as well as high temperature. These plates are highly sought due to the ability to resist both oxidization and carbonization in a high degree of temperature. These plates are available in different shapes and sizes as per the demand made by the client.


There are various benefits associated with plate as well as it provides the customer with good mechanical properties that work great in moderate and high temperature. Incoloy plates are widely used in many varieties of applications such as oil and gas industries, refineries, and petrochemical plants, Power industry, paper and pulp industry, food processing industry, power industry and chemical plants and more.


These plates are subjected to a strict quality test before dispatching them to the clients like a mechanical test, hardness test, chemical analysis, PMI testing, flaring test, IGC test, flattening test, pitting resistance test and others.    


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