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UNS N08825

Incoloy UNS N08825 Plates feature a specialised chemical composition remarkably resistant to corrosion and high temperatures. This alloy comprises 22% chromium, 5% molybdenum, 41.5% nickel, 16-18% copper, 1.5-2.5% manganese, and 0.10-0.50% tungsten. Fusing these metals creates an impressive combination of strength and heat resistance with good toughness in high and low temperatures. Due to its outstanding performance characteristics, UNS N08825 Incoloy Plates are used for various demanding applications such as power plant purposes, petrochemical processing equipment, boilers and pressure vessels, marine applications and offshore oil platforms.

Incoloy UNS N08825 Plates are heat and corrosion-resistant plates produced via a powder metallurgy process. This metal helps to offer increased strength and improved solidity in conditions where other materials may lack these qualities. The plate has excellent weldability and good fabricability capabilities with its ductile nature. In addition, high levels of elasticity make Incoloy UNS N08825 Plates an ideal choice for many applications, including industrial boilers, chemical plant equipment and substrate material for automotive exhaust systems. These plates also work well in subsea components, offering the needed strength and fortitude for the deep sea environment. Incoloy UNS N08825 Plates thus provide a useful solution for improving industry integrity.

FAQ's for Incoloy UNS N08825 Plates

Incoloy UNS N08825 plates can be supplied in various sizes ranging from 0.25” up to 8” inches in thickness, depending on application requirements and customer specifications.

Incoloy UNS N08825 plates are suitable for use in a wide range of applications, such as marine engineering, the petrochemical industry, chemical processing, power plants, heat exchangers and condensers. The plates possess good mechanical properties and high corrosion resistance, making them an ideal choice for these industries.

Incoloy UNS N08825 plates are rated to work at pressures up to 10,000 psi (6894 kPa).

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