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UNS N08825

Incoloy UNS N08825 Valves are an austenitic chromium-iron-nickel-copper alloy that is also known as Incoloy 825 alloy. The alloy contains a high amount of these elements which provides its outstanding level of corrosion resistance to both moderately reducing and moderately oxidizing environments. The nickel element in combination with the molybdenum content produces substantially excellent corrosion resistance as compared to other steel grades. As the austenitic alloy, the material is highly ductile and can be easily formable and weldable with different techniques.


There are different types of valves available but if you are choosing Incoloy 825 valves then this is the best decision you have made. These valves are known best for their high tensile strength, durability, weldability, workability, formability and long functional life. These valves can even withstand high temperature and pressure while providing excellent performance. Furthermore, they are manufactured using top-notch quality of material that is inspected by the qualified agencies.


The tests conducted are done as per the set industrial norms and regulations. At last, the Incoloy UNS N08825 Valves is packed in the high quality of packaging material so that we can avoid damages at the time of transportation and storage.


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