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Industrial name of inconel 600 are alloy 600, inco 600, nickel 600. This is an exotic material with specification as AMS 5540, ASTM B166, AMS 5665, UNS N06600. Features of the inconel 600 pipes are as follows- it has good resistance towards corrosion, it is immune to chloride stress and corrosion cracking.  Inconel 600 is the chromium nickel alloy which is designed for the use at 2000 degree F temperature. Due to its nickel content, it is resistant towards the reducing environment. This alloy has non magnetic as well as mechanical properties at cryogenic as well as high temperatures.

Due to its nickel content the pipes made from this alloy can bear attacks, high temperature, sulfur atmosphere. The inconel 600 are not only available in the form of pipes but also available as bars, plates, sheets, tubes, etc. as these pipes are easily available in the market, one can easily buy the different forms of the inconel 600 pipes like the round, u shapes, rectangular, pancake, rectangular form, etc. The material to be delivered is preserved and packed with plastic bag, foils or in wooden cases.

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