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The Inconel 600 Screw is made from chromium and nickels as the main composition and has various properties of important use. These screws have high resistance to chemical resistance and other properties such as heat resistance, exceptional use to extreme heat conditions. These screws are also easy to use, have high durability, do not get magnetized in a cold environment. They have wide application in industries like nuclear industry, chemical, oil and gas, construction, railway and many others. They are used in the majority where alkaline environment is found.


Specifications and sizes-


These screws have a wide range of use that is why it is important to manufacture them in accordance with international specifications. They have ASTM B166 and ASME SB 166 as their specifications. Along with it, they are standardized with IS, ASTM, ISO, GB, JIN and other international standards to make supreme quality. The size of these screws can be made available in a large range such as M3 to M56 and in length of 3mm to 200mm. and if someone needs Inconel 600 Screw in any other size range then they can place a custom size order to meet their requirement.

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