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Inconel 600 washer is produced from alloy that contains base element nickel with chromium addition. These are produced by making use of superior quality of raw substances including stainless steel, titanium, nickel alloy etc. It is driven up by intense desire in order to get the maximum client approval. With the total quality of management, producers are assured quality of washer production without doing any compromising. Due to versatility and being standard engineering material for various application that needs corrosion and heat resistance, numerous critical industries have started using this grade washer.


The dimensions of Inconel 600 washer is BS, ASTM and IS and other numerous international standards. The standard specification of it is ASTM B 166. In size, it is available from 3mm to 200mm. In length, it is available up to M02 to M33. The types of washers that are available is square washer, fender washer, round washer, lock washer, spherical washer, tab washer, dome tooth washer, ogee washer and countersunk washer. These are sold out to various parts of the globe and to domestic and international clients at market leading prices.

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