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Inconel 600 Washer is an alloy composed of 72% nickel, 14-17% chromium, 6-10% iron, and smaller amounts of manganese, silicon, and carbon. Inconel 600 washers are non-magnetic and have excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance making them the ideal choice for high-temperature fastening needs. They are suitable for use in extremely cold temperatures without becoming brittle and offer superior oxidation resistance due to their high nickel content. The density of an Inconel 600 washer is 8.4 g/mL, and its tensile strength ranges from 350 to 550 megapascals depending on the size of the washer.

600 Inconel Washers are incredibly versatile components as they are incredibly robust, can operate safely in high temperatures due to their remarkable corrosion resistance properties, and have a long lifespan, even in the most demanding of environments. These washers have exceptional ductility and workability, allowing them to be forged or cold-worked for components with varying dimensional needs. In addition, Inconel 600 Washers possess outstanding advantages, including low magnetic permeability and non-magnetic behavior. As such, these washers are particularly well-suited for use in both commercial and military industries—especially whenever applications involve exposure to corrosive materials or high temperatures.

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