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Fasteners Inconel 601 is also known as UNS N06601 fasteners and it is vastly resistant to oxidation at 2200 degree F and even under harsh thermal cycling. It can be used for many common applications like power generation, chemical processing, thermal processing and more. It is made from nickel alloy and that it is why it is exceptionally resistance to corrosion. It also has a good chemical as well as mechanical property that is extremely helpful to complete mega projects. Now, talk of its sizes that is from 3mm to 200 and the length is from M 02 – M 33. The quality standard of it is DIN, BS, API, and more.


Testing- it is tested by skilled professionals in certified mills to assure its prime quality. Also, the materials are used to design it is tested by the professionals so that they can prove its standards quality. It goes through testing such as flattening test, flaring test, chemical or mechanical analysis, and more.


After making sure its reliability and durability fully, the seal of certified company product is tagged on Fasteners Inconel 601 packet.

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