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Inconel 601 Nuts are provided in a combination of good grades, thickness, length and surface finish. This nut material is equipped with various testing facilities to ensure that all products manufacturing are in best in terms of quality. This product can be easily available in the market at cost effective rates and is shipping all over the globe. The Inconel nuts are famous for its great features and are designed as per the requirement of the customers and are compliant with all international standards. These nuts can be operating up to the temperature range of 645 Degree F.


The Inconel 601 Nuts offers many outstanding features and is extremely strong and functions against the aqueous corrosion.


Specification of Inconel 601 Nuts-


This 601 out of Inconel alloy follow specification like IS, BS, DIN, ISO, GB, JIS, ASTM and ASTM B166 standard. It has a size 3mm to 200 mm and has a length between M02 to M 160. The Inconel 601 Nuts are applied with a various surface coating like phosphate coating, zinc coating, cadmium coating, and hot dipped galvanized, PTFE coating and others.

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