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The Inconel 601 Screw is manufactured from the combination of nickel-chromium alloy and is designed to offers various features such as high strength, creep-rupture properties at high temperatures and pressures condition. These screws are designed to resist in any aqueous corrosion condition and are subjected to cold and hot form process and are easily weld. These screws are manufactured by using raw quality materials and before dispatch end product to the client it is strictly tested under various tests. This screw is sold in all over the world and meets the different industrial requirement.




These screws are designed in order to follow national as well as international standard. ASTM/ASME SB 160 is some international standards. These bolts come in many types such as hex head bolts, hexagon head screws, u bolts and others. These screws/ bolts come in hex, round, square; gauge, threading and many other forms.


This product is tested under various tests such as mill test report, radiography tests, and third-party inspection to confirm the quality of the product. This is all about features and specifications of the Inconel 601 Screw.

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