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Inconel 601stud bolts are mostly preferred in the industrial application. These bolts have excellent resistance towards elevated temperature oxidations. It can easily resist oxidation as well as pitting at the temperature up to 1260 degree Celsius. Also, this grade of bolts offers the excellent resistance to nitration and carburization.


These grades of bolts are mainly available in the forms like the lock nuts, eye bolts, u bolt, wing bolts, and so on. These bolts offers ductility as well as long service thus, they are use in various applications. These bolts are coated of zinc, nickel and passivation. The raw material test is done while manufacturing it and they are also made to go through the radiography test finally inspected by the third party and then sent to get packed in durable material. These packaging materials can be bubble wraps, wooden box, pallets and so on.


These Inconel 601stud bolts are of top quality and are used in the petrochemical industry, oil and gas industries and various industries. If you are also in need of these bolts then buy it from best retailers today at cheap rates.

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