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The Inconel 601 washer is generally utilized in heat-treating appliances such as muffles, retorts, and baskets. They show very good property of aqueous corrosion, excellent mechanical strength, good mechanical ability, and weldability. They are also extensively utilized in pieces of equipment of the petrochemical industry along with the aircraft industry. The Inconel washers are well utilized in the handling of ash in power generation units and support of superheater tubes. They did not get hardened in heat treatment while cold working tends to improve strength in room-temperature. They are often utilized in refractory anchors, wire mesh belts, strand annealing, radiant tubes, high-velocity gas burners etc.


Other thermal processing uses of these washers are furnace – atmosphere generators, thermocouple protection tubes, in addition to applications in infrared radiant screens. Thanks to their unique composition, they are also very trendy in different types of multinational industries of thermal industries along with petrochemical processing units. The Machining operation of Inconel 601 washer is carried out using commercial coolants. These are welded through matching composition wire to gain maximum resistance against oxidation. Their features are also utilized in Catalyst support grids, Aerospace industries as well as in Power generation units.

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