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Inconel 617 is a high-temperature nickel-chromium-cobalt-molybdenum alloy that exhibits exceptional strength and oxidation resistance at elevated temperatures. This alloy is widely used in various industries, particularly in applications with critical corrosion and heat resistance. Inconel 617 bars are an essential form of this alloy, offering versatility and reliability in various demanding environments.

Composition and Properties of Inconel 617 Bars:

Inconel 617 bars comprises nickel as the primary element, along with substantial amounts of chromium, cobalt, and molybdenum. The alloy also contains smaller proportions of iron, aluminium, and titanium. This unique composition imparts remarkable mechanical and thermal properties to Inconel 617 bars.

The high nickel content provides excellent corrosion resistance, while chromium enhances oxidation resistance. Adding cobalt and molybdenum increases the alloy's strength and stability at elevated temperatures. Combining these elements makes Inconel 617 bars highly suitable for applications in aggressive environments involving high temperatures and corrosive chemicals.

Manufacturing Process of Inconel 617 Bars:

Inconel 617 bars are typically produced through hot forging, rolling, or extrusion. The alloy's high-temperature properties necessitate specialized manufacturing techniques to ensure the desired mechanical and metallurgical characteristics. The bars are then subjected to heat treatment processes to optimize their properties, including hardness and microstructure.

Chemical Composition of Inconel 617 Bars:

Explore the precise chemical composition of Inconel 617 Bars for optimal performance in various applications.

.8 - 1.5.006 max.05-1510 - 1520 - 243.0 max1.0 max8 - 1044.5 max.015 max1.0 max0.6 max

Inconel 617 Bars demonstrate a well-balanced chemical composition, ensuring high-temperature strength, corrosion resistance, and reliable performance.

Types of Inconel 617 Bars

1. Inconel 617 Round Bars: Inconel 617 round bars are widely favoured for their versatility, finding applications in gas turbine components, petrochemical processing, and other high-temperature environments. Their well-balanced properties make them crucial in challenging conditions.

2. Hexagonal Inconel 617 Bars: Offering a six-sided profile, hexagonal Inconel 617 bars provide enhanced grip and are employed where this specific shape is advantageous. This variant maintains the alloy's corrosion resistance while catering to unique design requirements.

3. Square Inconel 617 Bars: Square bars, characterized by four equal sides, are utilized for their uniform strength. Inconel 617 square bars find applications in structural components and environments where a square cross-section is preferred.

4. Flat Inconel 617 Bars: Rectangular cross-section flat bars are deployed in structural supports, heat exchangers, and aerospace components. The flat profile contributes to their suitability for specific design requirements.

5. Hollow Inconel 617 Bars: Hollow bars, or tube bars with a central void, are chosen for weight-sensitive applications. Hollow Inconel 617 bars are crucial in aerospace and chemical processing in achieving the desired balance between strength and weight.

6. Precision Ground Inconel 617 Bars: Precision ground bars undergo meticulous grinding processes, ensuring tight dimensional tolerances and smooth surfaces. These bars find applications in high-precision machinery, such as bearings and shafts, where accuracy is paramount.

7. Forged Inconel 617 Bars: Forged bars, shaped under high pressure, exhibit improved strength and fatigue resistance due to aligned grain structures. Inconel 617 forged bars are vital in heavy-duty applications subjected to extreme conditions, ensuring reliable performance under challenging circumstances.

Mechanical Properties of Inconel 617 Bars:

Discover the robust mechanical characteristics of Inconel 617 Bars through a comprehensive and informative properties table.



Yield Strength (0.2% Offset)

Tensile Strength


of Area,


1000 psi


1000 psi




Hot Rolling
















Inconel 617 Bars showcase impressive mechanical properties, including high-temperature strength, corrosion resistance, and durability for reliable performance.

 Applications of Inconel 617 Bars:

 1. Aerospace Industry: Inconel 617 bars find extensive use in the aerospace industry, where components are exposed to extreme temperatures and corrosive atmospheres. The alloy's ability to maintain strength and resist oxidation makes it ideal for aircraft exhaust systems, turbine components, and combustion chambers.

 2. Petrochemical Industry: The petrochemical sector relies on Inconel 617 bars to resist high-temperature and corrosive environments. These bars are employed in heat exchangers, catalytic cracking systems, and high-temperature processing equipment in oil refineries and chemical plants.

 3. Power Generation: Inconel 617 bars is widely utilized in power generation applications, including gas turbines and nuclear reactors. The alloy's exceptional resistance to creep and oxidation at elevated temperatures makes it a preferred choice for critical components in power plants.

 4. Heat Treatment Industry: Inconel 617 bars are also employed in the heat treatment industry to fabricate fixtures and components used in high-temperature furnaces. The alloy's ability to withstand thermal cycling and exposure to aggressive atmospheres makes it valuable for these applications.

 Key Features and Benefits of Inconel 617 Bars:

1. High-Temperature Resistance: Inconel 617 bars can withstand temperatures ranging from cryogenic levels up to around 2000°F (1093°C), making them suitable for applications in extreme heat.

2. Corrosion Resistance: The alloy's nickel-chromium composition imparts excellent corrosion resistance, making it resistant to various corrosive environments.

3. Strength and Durability: Inconel 617 bars exhibit high strength and toughness, ensuring reliable performance in demanding conditions.

4. Oxidation Resistance: The alloy's resistance to oxidation at high temperatures makes it well-suited for applications where exposure to air and other oxidizing agents is prevalent.

5. Versatility: Inconel 617 bars are versatile and can be used in various industries, including aerospace, petrochemical, power generation, and heat treatment.

Physical Properties of Inconel 617 Bars:

Explore the intrinsic characteristics of Inconel 617 Bars through a detailed Physical Properties table for diverse applications.

Density0.302 lb/cubic inches or 8360 kg/ cubic meter
Melting point2430oF to 2510oF or 1332oC to 1377oC
Specific heat at 78oF or 26oC0.100 Btu/lb-oF or 419 J/Kg-oC
Electrical resistivity at 78oF or 26oC736 ohm-cir mil/ft or 1.223 aee-m

Inconel 617 Bars exhibit superior physical properties, ensuring stability, resilience, and versatility for diverse industrial applications.

Inconel 617 bars are crucial in industries where high temperature and corrosion resistance are paramount. Their unique composition and exceptional properties make them a preferred choice for critical aerospace, petrochemical, power generation, and heat treatment applications. 

FAQ's for Inconel 617 Bars

Inconel 617 bars have a maximum operating pressure of 11,700 psi (80 MPa).

Inconel 617 bars are used in various applications, such as sealing and insulation valves, nuclear reactors, petrochemical plants, and highly high-temperature environments.

Inconel 617 bars have excellent high-temperature strength and resistance to oxidation and carburization, good creep rupture strength, low thermal expansion rate, and a wide range of fabricability.

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