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We all have different applications in our office, house, and industry where we need fittings for our applications so that they can work properly and efficiently. Well, if you are in need of best quality of forged fittings, then we would recommend you to have Inconel 617 forged fittings. These are excellent quality and grade of fittings that are available in wide variety. Grade 617 mainly consists of elements like cobalt, nickel, and chromium which make fittings stronger and harder enough to bear all types of temperature and environment. Alloy Inconel is used in several applications like gas turbines and combustion cans. However, these forged fittings include national and international specifications and standards.




There are some more specifications and standards in which this Inconel 617 threaded forged fittings are manufactured like ASEM SB564 and ASTM B564. Moreover, the size of these forged fittings varies from 1/8 NB to 4 NB and available in different classes such as 2000LBS, 6000LBS, and 9000LBS. there are several types in which Inconel forged fittings are available are forged tee, full coupling, cross, caps, plug, welding boss and so on.

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