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 There are different types of industries and power plants exist which requires the installation of pipes and tubes for the required purpose. While installing the pipes or tubes in the industrial areas then the need of fittings which is made up of various alloys such as inconel alloys. The preferences given to the fittings made up of these alloy for industrial purpose are due to the resistance, tensile strength and durability which are the factors considered highly checked using in industries.


The Inconel 617 Instrumentation Fittings has typical room temperature tensile properties of all-weld- metal specimens from welded joints. It is mostly used in industrial furnace components and gas turbines for combustion of cans and ducts. Due to its unique characteristics it is mostly used in power-generating plants, chemical production, heat-treating baskets and in various other industrial applications. It is well known for its high temperature and corrosion resistance and also for its strength. Different shapes and sizes of fittings were being manufactured from this alloy for the purpose of meeting the different industrial needs and they are available at affordable price.

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