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Inconel 617 Tubing is an alloy designed to serve as a high-temperature and corrosion-resistant solution for many industries. Its chemical composition primarily comprises nickel and chromium, along with varying amounts of silicon, cobalt, and molybdenum. This combination is critical in its ability to offer superior properties in elevated temperatures up to 1300°F while exhibiting excellent corrosion resistance across various applications. These qualities have led the way for Inconel Tubing to become a leading choice by major industry players in oil & gas operations and energy production.

617 Inconel Tubing is a high-temperature alloy with excellent strength, oxidation, and carburization resistance. It provides superior corrosion resistance at temperatures up to 1400° F (760° C) and retains exceptional hot power even when subjected to thermal cycling. Due to its flexibility, Inconel 617 tubing is used in applications requiring forming, bending, and other intricate shapes. Its mechanical properties make it suitable for use in components exposed to intense heat or pressure, such as furnace parts, nuclear reactor coolants, gas turbines, and other details subject to severe wear and tear. With excellent fatigue life and creep rupture strength, Inconel 617 tube is also resistant to constant attack by many industrial chemicals, halogens including chlorine-saturated brine solutions, and organic acids. All these properties make it the ideal material for use in numerous industries where high-temperature performance is necessary, such as power plants, aerospace engineering, and petrochemical operations.

FAQ's for Inconel 617 Tubing

Inconel 617 Tubing Starts At Rs 300/Kg To Rs 450/Kg.

In order to weld Inconel 617 tubing, you will need proper equipment such as an AC/DC TIG welder and specially designed filler material. Begin by taking the tubing in place with a torch, then move on to creating a full fusion weld. When welding Inconel 617, use argon gas for shielding and adjust your machine settings accordingly. Make sure that you keep the heat low and take your time; rushing the job can easily compromise the integrity of your welds!

Inconel 617 Tubing is an austenitic-based alloy composed of nickel, chromium, cobalt, and molybdenum which offers excellent resistance to high-temperature oxidation and corrosion. In addition, this alloy has very good forming properties when heated. As a result, it does not rust under normal atmospheric conditions.

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