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Inconel 625 Coil

Inconel 625 Coil is an alloy that contains high levels of chromium, nickel, and molybdenum. It has excellent strength and hardness at temperatures up to 1300°F (704°C), excellent oxidation resistance, and good weldability. The composition of Inconel 625 Coil includes 58% Nickel, 20-23% Chromium, 5-9% Molybdenum, 3-5% Niobium plus Iron and trace elements such as Cobalt Manganese, Carbon Nitrogen, and silicon. These carefully balanced elements combine to produce a highly corrosion-resistant material with superior creep strength & fatigue properties in many corrosive environments.

Inconel 625 Coil is a chromium-nickel alloy material. It has excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance, superior strength and flexibility. The high levels of molybdenum, niobium and chromium content in the alloy make it highly resistant to pitting and crevice corrosion. Inconel 625 Coil is also known for its toughness even at extremely low temperatures, making it a popular choice for oil & gas production systems. Its high weldability, coupled with its good formability, add to the versatility of this alloy.

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