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The Inconel 625 Nuts are designed from an alloy containing nickel as a base element and in addition with chromium and molybdenum. These Inconel nuts are suitable choice for a number of industrial applications. The grade 625 Inconel nuts are known for its close tolerance and precise dimensions. It can withstand high temperature and pressure conditions. The Inconel Nuts offers a long service life and has an attractive finish with low maintenance cost.


The Inconel 625 Nuts product is designed to meet the specific requirement of the customers and thus ensure complete satisfaction. This nut may be forged or hot worked in order to maintain the temperature range of about the 1800-2150 Degree C.


Inconel 625 Nuts specification-


This Inconel nut is designed to meet the national and international standard quality. This nut product follow IS, BS, ASTM and ASTM B446 standards. This nut product has size ranges between the 3mm to 200 mm and has length M02 to M33.


Before dispatch the Inconel 625 Nuts product it is fully tested under inspection team and then delivered with various test certifications to ensure the quality of the manufactured product.

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