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Inconel 625 Screws are composed of a nickel-chromium alloy, which contains around 20% chromium and between 8 to 10% molybdenum. Additional additions of niobium, aluminum, and titanium help to increase their strength and durability. This combination of metals makes for a regionally versatile component that is not only immune to corrosive materials but also exhibits excellent weldability, formability, and heat resistance. Inconel 625 screws are ideal for use in high-temperature applications due to their cleverly designed chemical composition - making it the perfect choice for fastening solutions in harsh environments.

625 Inconel Screws are a great option for a wide variety of uses due to their high strength and corrosion-resistant properties. In addition to exhibiting exceptional strength in extreme environments, these screws are highly resistant to fading, wear, and abrasion. Commonly used in aerospace applications, they can withstand temperatures up to 1,600 degrees Fahrenheit and provide lasting reliability under challenging environmental conditions. With excellent weldability and ductility, as well as outstanding fatigue strength and fatigue, crack growth resistance, Inconel 625 Screws work ideally in projects where precise joints and high tensile strength are needed. This makes them an ideal choice when building equipment that must continuously operate in corrosive or extreme temperature conditions.

FAQ's for Inconel 625 Screw

Inconel 625 Screw Starts At Rs 10/Piece To Rs 15/Piece.

No, Inconel 625 screws are resistant to corrosion and rusting in most conditions. They are known for their excellent resistance to oxidation and high strength at elevated temperatures which make them a great choice for many applications. Additionally, they are non-magnetic which makes them suitable for use in applications where magnetic interference needs to be avoided.

The HSN code for Inconel 625 Screws is 7318.15.90.

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