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Inconel 686 bars are nickel- chromium cobalt alloy they are mainly known for it’s primarily exceptional metallurgical stability. They offer the people with the wide variety of properties such as the resistance to oxidation at very high temperature because of the presence of aluminum; they offer good resistance in various types corrosive aqueous environment.


They offer resistance to a number of different damaging reducing oxidizing media, the presence of cobalt and molybdenum provides you with solid solution strengthening. They are very easy to fabricate, they are said to be easy for joining through conventional welding techniques. They are offered to you in various shapes, thickness, length and size such as square, round, hexagon.


Inconel 686 bars are made with the best quality of raw material and are certified and tested so that the customers can have full satisfaction on the bars they are purchasing. The packing on the bars is done in the wooden boxes in case they are being exported from one place to another so that there are no damages being found in the last stage of production.

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