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Inconel 686 Screw is the manufactured with high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant with ultimate tensile strength.  This alloy is designed for corrosion-resistant fasteners and extreme environments. Many industries work with chemicals where most of the screws are corrode due to chemicals. Thus, they want a corrosive resistant screw and fasteners for their manufacturing. In most extreme environments like chemical processing, pollution control, pulp, and paper production, treatment of municipal and industrial waste types of machinery this screw is used for connecting the components. In chemical processing includes the heat exchanger,  reaction vessels, transfer piping, scrubbers, fans and housing, ducts dampers here ordinary screws corrode easily so,  Inconel 686 screws are used.


These screws are available in different metric sizes ranges from M 1.0 to M 100 and in an imperial range from 1/16 inch to 4 inches. Inconel 686 screws come in coarse, fine thread, half thread, full thread and double end thread.  These types of screws are manufactured with cold forged; hot forged, c- machine components, CNC machined components techniques for precise and accurate dimensions. If you are looking for corrosive resistant screws you can go with these screws.

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