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If you are looking for Inconel 686 plates then you are at the right place. These plates are a combination of different metals such as chromium, cobalt, molybdenum, and nickel in a majority. Due to this, they have excellent withstanding against general corrosion, pitting, stress resistance corrosion and crevice type of corrosion not only this, due to other metal presence, it has phenomenal results against high-temperature environments along with bearing acidic conditions up to pH of 1 or little less.


Size and standards-

These plates are available in various sizes and shapes as per the requirements of a customer. And when ordering these plates, they are standardized under various parameters of ASME SB 168, ASME SB, ASTM B  ASTM B 443 and ASME SB 670.  These standards and specific actions make them internationally acknowledged and makes it easier to use anywhere in the globe.



Products of Inconel 686 Sheets purchased from us comes with all quality tests performed on it along with the label of quality and tests certificates to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.  We also ship our products in a manner that no damage could be caused during the shipment.

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