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Inconel 686 stud bolts are mainly designed for outstanding corrosion resistance and can easily be used in severe environment and temperature. Moreover, Inconel 686 is widely used in extreme and severe environment in pollution control, chemical processing, paper production and municipal waste treatment. These stud bolts are considered best for their exceptional features like good corrosion resistance, high-temperature stability, and high strength and toughness. These stud bolts are available to customers in different shapes and sizes as per their demand and application requirement.


These stud bolts are inspected and tested by inspection agencies and quality experts who in turn offer raw material test certificate, mill test certificate, IBR test certificate and third-party inspection report to their customers. The size of such Inconel 686 stud bolts varies from M1.0 to M100 and imperial ranges from 1/6 inches to 4 inches. These stud bolts include ASTM, ASME, ANSI, and JIS, DIN and BS standards and specification. Not only this, a complete care is given at the time of packaging of these stud bolts. These products are packed in best quality of wrappers and wooden cases to prevent it from rust and damages until its last stage of production.

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