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Inconel 690 Bars are a standard alloy as they highly resist corrosive elements such as sulfuric and phosphoric acids. They contain predominately nickel, chromium, and cobalt as their base elements, followed by trace amounts of phosphorus, molybdenum, tin, etc. This unique chemical combination enables them to demonstrate remarkable properties like superior strength in warm and cold working conditions. Also, it protects against scaling at elevated temperatures up to about 1900°F for prolonged periods, thereby making it suitable for heavy-duty industrial applications such as power transmission components and ship parts.

690 Inconel Bars are high-temperature, corrosion-resistant materials used in various applications. Typical uses include parts for power plants, components in chemical processing, exhaust pipes and ducts in aircraft engines, and rocket motor nozzles. The main properties that make Inconel 690 Bars the ideal material for these jobs include its ability to resist scaling at elevated temperatures, excellent machinability, formability to aid in fabrications, and good weldability with resistance to dry oxidation at very high temperatures. This makes Inconel 690 Bars highly functional and cost-effective, and adaptable.

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