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Inconel 690 is the alloy of nickel and chromium with aluminum addition making it outstanding oxidation resistance and various high-temperature corrosion forms. It too has good mechanical properties at the elevated temperature. These plates are used widely for various kinds of applications like industrial furnaces, gas turbine components etc. Addition to its corrosion resistance feature, Inconel 609 plates is having high strength, favorable fabrication characteristics and good metallurgical stability.


The high content of chromium is making it very much resistance to attack from hot gases or from an oxidizing chemical. Also high chromium content is giving excellent aqueous corrosion resistance through oxidizing acid and salts and also at high temperature to sulfidation. The high level of nickel is imparting stress corrosion cracking resistance in surrounding that is chloride containing and sodium hydroxide solution.




The specification of Inconel 690 sheets is ASME AS168 and ASTM A168. The standard specification of it is API, ASTM, and ASME. The thickness of it is 4.0mm to 100mm. The finishes are the hot rolled plate, blank ring, perforated sheet, chequered plate etc. The hardness is soft, spring hard, half hard etc. The grade name of it is Inconel 690 UNS N06690. To buy specify your specifications needs and order it.

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