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Inconel 713C Bars are nickel-chromium alloys characterized by high strength and hardness at elevated temperatures, good resistance to thermal fatigue, and oxidation in many media. The chemical composition is made up of nickel (66%-72%), chromium (14.5%-17%), cobalt (4.5%-7%), aluminium (1%), titanium (0.7%-1.2%), molybdenum (0.45%-0.65%), carbon (0.08%-0.18%) and iron balance making this an incredibly sturdy, durable material with excellent chemical stability at all temperatures. 713C Inconel Bars are frequently used in aerospace engineering applications due to their excellent corrosion resistance to acidic media, making them a significant asset in developing reliable parts with extended lifespans under harsh conditions.

Inconel 713C Bars are a high-performance alloy composed of a unique combination of nickel, chromium, iron and aluminium. They offer superior strength in extreme heat environments while maintaining elasticity under arduous conditions. Inconel 713C has excellent corrosion resistance and is particularly suited to elevated temperatures applications, including use in turbine blades in jet engines and hot gas ducting components in gas turbines due to its oxidize/sulfide/chloridize resistance. The material also has excellent thermal conductivity, contributing to its wide use in automotive exhaust systems, furnaces, and aerospace industry applications. Additionally, Inconel 713C Bars possess superior welding characteristics for repairs and fabrication projects. This makes them an ideal choice for the most challenging engineering projects.

FAQ's for Inconel 713c Bars

Inconel 713C Bars are mainly used in the aerospace industry due to their superior strength and corrosion resistance properties. They are also widely used in industries that require high temperatures, such as oil and gas extraction and automotive manufacturing.

Inconel 713C Bars can be purchased from a variety of suppliers, both online and offline. ThePipingMart has various suppliers who offer quality 713C bars at competitive pricing. It is important to note that prices for Inconel bars may vary depending on the supplier, quantity purchased, and other factors.

It is important to handle Inconel 713C Bars with care. When storing these bars, it is recommended to keep them away from moisture as well as other corrosive materials or chemicals that could damage them.

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