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Inconel 718 Coil

Inconel 718 Coil is an alloy composed of iron, nickel, chromium and other elements such as molybdenum, titanium and aluminium. It has excellent strength and corrosion resistance at extremely high temperatures. Furthermore, it is highly resistant to oxidation and intergranular corrosion in a wide range of temperatures due to its high nickel content. This makes the Inconel 718 Coil the ideal choice for applications requiring thermal expansion control or durability under very harsh conditions.

Inconel 718 Coil has many unique uses and properties. It is a nickel-based superalloy renowned for its corrosion resistance, excellent creep strength, and high-temperature capabilities up to 1300°F (704°C). Its combination of strength, weldability, and formability make it an ideal choice for use in aerospace components and turbine blades such as those used in the gas turbines of jet engines. In addition, its high oxidation resistance nature makes it suitable for cryogenic storage tanks when exposed to extreme temperatures.

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