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Inconel 718 Fasteners is made up of nickel-based alloys. It is known for their corrosion resistant as well as oxidation resistant properties which permit to work well in high pressure and high heat atmospheres. This rust resistant Inconel product maintains its strength as well as shape over the various temperature range and even it never demonstrate the creep that steel and aluminum product do when the temperature is fluctuating. This can be obtained in different forms like studs, screws, and bolts which need special machining to neglect brittleness and deforming due to hard performing and are relatively threaded utilizing screw machines and lathes.


It is commonly used in soaring temperature industrial applications such as exhaust systems, heat exchangers as well as engines. It can also be placed under corrosive and chemical processing environments. It has high tolerance conductivity at elevated temperature environments. The size of Inconel 718 Fasteners is falling between 3 mm – 200 mm while the length is falling between M 02 – M 160. It goes through various finishing methods such as hot dip galvanized, bright zinc plated, self-color, stainless steel passivated, sherardized and more.

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