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718 Inconel Flanges have an incredibly complicated chemical composition consisting of iron, niobium, cobalt, molybdenum, carbon and manganese. Combined, those six individual components enable the Inconel 718 flange to maintain a highly stable structure at temperatures as high as 1300°F. This unique combination makes the Inconel 718 flange one of the best alloys known in today’s market for high-temperature materials. Its unrivalled heat resistance allows it to be used across aerospace and automotive engineering industries, where temperature extremes can cause a lesser alloy to degrade under stress.

Inconel 718 flanges are alloy-based fitting typically used in harsh, highly corrosive environments and operating conditions. These corrosion-resistant flanges feature a unique combination of properties that make them solid and reliable, such as excellent weldability, good strength, high fatigue resistance, excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking, and outstanding creep-rupture strength. Additionally, the Inconel 718 flanges feature exceptional dimensional consistency thanks to their copper stabilizer. This stability makes these fittings ideal for industries such as chemical processing and challenging automotive applications like turbochargers and exhaust systems.

FAQ's for Inconel 718 Flanges

Inconel 718 flanges are primarily used in corrosive environments where their resistance to corrosion,

Due to its unique properties, Inconel 718 flanges are excellent for extreme temperatures down to -452°F and beyond. This makes them suitable for a wide range of cryogenic applications.

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