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Do you need Inconel Nuts for the industrial requirement? Do not know which grade is suitable for you? The Inconel 718 Nuts is the right choice in front of you. This grade of Inconel nut offers various attributes and features and is suitable for various industrial applications.  This nut is manufactured to meet the specific demand of the client and to meet all international standards. This nut material offers various features like anti-corrosion property, resist at high temperature and pressure range, easy to install and maintain and has a longer service life. It is the most commonly used grade of Inconel alloy.


Inconel 718 Nuts Specification-


These nuts of Inconel 718 follow national as well as international standards. This Inconel nut comes in styles like Hex nuts and lock nuts. It follows ASTM / ASME and other equivalent standards. These Inconel alloy nuts can be projected to hardening, welding, and hot working process in order to gain resistance in corrosive environmental conditions. These Inconel 718 Nuts can supply either in standard or metric sizes.


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