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Inconel 718 Screw is said to be the nickel-based superalloy they are said to be ideal for the extreme environment. They are well known for oxidation and corrosion resistance screw and provide you great resistance when they are being exposed to heat and pressure. They provide you with a high yield and strength. They are often selected by the industrialist as they provide high strength and capabilities. They provide you with great strength and ductility at cryogenic temperature.


Inconel 718 Screw offer you with great resistance as it provides you with nickel and chromium and even there is a presence of combating chloride that provides you with great resistance from cracking. They provide you with resistance from the inorganic and organic component. They can easily withstand in mild oxidizing media, and also helps you in preventing pitting.


They are said to be the best as they provide you with high resistance from chloride and sulfide stress and corrosion cracking, they also provide high resistance from H2S, CO2 and sour gas that are present in the environment. They are the best and the packing of Inconel 718 Screw is done in the best way so that there are no stretches being seen while exporting.

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