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For most of the industrial and engineering applications, Inconel 718 tubing alloy is yet specified as the precipitation hardening and solution annealed.  718 alloys by precipitation secondary phase are hardened in the metal matrix. This nickel precipitation phase is induced through heat treatment at the temperature range of about 1100?F to 1500?F.  To have metallurgical reaction properly aging constituents like niobium, aluminum, titanium have to be in a solution.  If those are combined into another form or are precipitated as another phase, they won’t be precipitating properly and full alloy strength will not be easily achieved. 

For performing the function, the material has to be the first solution annealed or heat treatment. If the material has to be welded, machined or formed, it is bought in stress-relieved condition or mill annealed condition. The material is fabricated in a malleable condition. After fabrication, it could be given heat treatment as per the requirements of the specification.

Inconel 718 seamless tubing is highly relaxation resistance. It can be fabricated into the complex parts. It offers the wide range of temperature that is from -423?F to 1300?F.  It is high tensile, creep, fatigue and has rupture strength. It is excellent resistance to oxidation to 980?C.

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