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718 Inconel Tubing is a popular choice for aerospace, medical and nuclear applications due to its strong resistance to formic and acetic acids. Its chemical composition includes Nickel (Ni) as the primary alloy constituent at 58-63%, with Chromium (Cr) at 19-25%, Iron (Fe) at 16-21%, Molybdenum (Mo) at 2.8-3.3%, Titanium (Ti) at 0.65-1.15%, Aluminium (Al) 0.2-0.8% and Carbon (C) up to 0.08%. Other elements such as Cobalt, Copper, Manganese, Silicon, Magnesium and Boron may also be present in trace amounts depending on the specifications of the tubing manufacturer. This combination of alloy components creates strong welds and heavy-duty properties such as fatigue strength retention, oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance that are necessary for high-temperature applications like turbo propulsion systems and nuclear reactors, amongst others.

Inconel 718 tubing is a nickel-based alloy with superior strength and corrosion resistance. Its high tensile properties make it well-suited for many demanding applications, including in the aerospace industry and chemical processing. It also has excellent thermal stability, allowing it to handle extreme temperatures without suffering damage. Additionally, Inconel 718 tubing has a shallow depth of heat ageing and maintains its mechanical properties even after prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures. These features make Inconel 718 tubing an ideal material for parts requiring chemical containment or support in components operating at extreme temperatures or with corrosive chemicals.

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