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The Inconel 718 washer comes under a family of molybdenum-nickel-chromium alloys. They are extensively used in many applications for showing invincible strength at increased temperatures along with long opposition against corrosion. Its excellent thermal stability made this material as a good option in service temperatures as of cryogenic to 982°C (2200°F). The rich alloy of Inconel washers makes them withstand any type of severe corrosive working environment. In gentle environments of sea water, alkaline mediums, atmosphere, neutral salts etc. Inconel washers face negligible attack. In severe corrosive working environments of oxidizing chemicals and nonoxidizing environments, the amalgamation of nickel and chromium offers superb resistance against corrosion.


There are two types of washers made from the Inconel 718 which are lock washers and flat washers. The Inconel 718 washer washers offer a very good balance of temperature stability, corrosion resistance, toughness as well as strength. That is why they are utilized in chemical processing units, the aerospace industry, marine pieces of equipment and electronics and oil & gas. They are one of the most common grades of hardenable inconel washers that are packed in wooden cases or boxes preventing it from damages and rust.

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