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Nuts Inconel 725 is also known as UNS N07725. It is highly immune to rust and also it is age hardenable for high strength. It is often used in the extensive range of harsh corrosion atmospheres. The strength of hardenable is twice that of 625 Inconel nuts. The strength and sturdiness are obtained by the 725 by heat treatment and can be cold or hot worked for extreme higher strength. At the top, there is an extremely high resistance in oxidizing and reducing atmospheres and advanced immune to the crevice and pitting corrosion in seawater. The standard of it is such as ASME and ASTM and the designation is ASME B 805, ASTM/ SB 805.


The range of Nuts Inconel 725 is from M 02 to M33 while the length is from 3 mm – 200 mm. The features it is carrying such as durability, easy installation, reliability, highly resistive, wear resistance, and so on. One of the best things, about it, can be used for underwater conditions. Now, talk about its wrapping that is done inside the pallet, small wooden boxes, and other quality materials.

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