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Inconel 738 Bars are a nickel-based alloy widely used for its high corrosion resistance, particularly when exposed to highly corrosive environments. This alloy is composed predominately of Niobium, Chromium, and Iron, with various trace elements such as Cobalt and Molybdenum also present. Additionally, Inconel 738 Bars offer excellent mechanical properties at high and low temperatures. No wonder this particular alloy has become so widely used in the industrial space - it can maintain its integrity even in extremely nitrogenous or oxidizing conditions. The unique chemical composition of 738 Inconel Bars makes them exceptionally easy to work with and perfect for applications where strength and longevity are vital.

738 Inconel Bars are incredibly versatile and highly valued in industrial applications due to their resistance to tempering, corrosion, and cracking. These superior characteristics result from the materials alloy design comprised of Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum-Tungsten, which also gives Inconel 738 Bars strength and hardness even at elevated temperatures. Inconel 738 Bars are used in various industries, including aerospace, oil & gas, power generation and automotive. Their unmatched tolerance to extreme temperatures, vibration and corrosion make them ideal for components requiring high levels of reliability, such as turbine blades, slurry valves and wells. In addition, their low magnetic properties keep them from distorting electrical signals that require tight tolerances, such as printed circuit boards and control systems for monitoring high-temperature processes.

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