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Inconel 800 Coil

Inconel 800 Coil is an alloy consisting of nickel, iron and chromium. It has excellent resistance to carburization and oxidation, which makes it suitable for use in industrial environments exposed to high temperatures. It also provides great stress rupture properties and creep characteristics that make it highly resistant to corrosion at high temperatures. Additionally, the Inconel 800 Coil has good weldability with the help of special techniques such as hot forging or machining methods.

Inconel 800 Coil is an alloy of nickel, chromium and iron, making it suitable for various applications such as industrial heating elements, aircraft exhaust systems, furnace parts and chemical processing equipment. It has good oxidation resistance at high temperatures, excellent creep strength and stress rupture properties, and good mechanical properties at room temperature and cryogenic conditions. It's corrosion-resistant to many organic acids and chloride-ion-containing environments.

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