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Inconel 925 Coil

Inconel 925 Coil is a nickel-based superalloy known for its excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance, high strength, good fabricability, and weldability. It contains chromium, iron, molybdenum and niobium as primary alloying elements. All these components impart extraordinary characteristics to the material, like creep-rupture strength at elevated temperatures and strong resistance to stress corrosion cracking in halide environments.

Inconel 925 coil is a highly versatile and corrosion-resistant alloy. It has superior strength, toughness, formability and weldability capabilities. Its superior resistance to chloride and acid-based stress cracking makes it an ideal choice for industrial applications such as chemical processing, power generation, marine components and aircraft structures. The alloy’s high thermal stability makes it suitable for use in extreme temperatures, including cryogenic environments.

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