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DIN 2.4663

Inconel DIN 2.4663 Fasteners are basically solid-solution strengthened fasteners that have an exceptional combination of oxidation resistance and high-temperature resistance. These fasteners can easily withstand in extreme environment and temperature and maintain their quality for a long time. These fasteners are widely used in aerospace, marine industry, petrochemical industry and chemical processing industry due to its excellent properties and features. These fasteners are manufactured by several leading manufacturers worldwide. They offer their customers the best quality of fasteners at an affordable price.



You can easily get these fasteners in varied shapes and sizes as per your demand and application requirement. The size of these fasteners varies from M02 to M160 and length varies from 3mm to 200mm and more. These Inconel DIN 2.4663 Fasteners meet both national and international standards and specifications. Furthermore, the raw material used for manufacturing these fasteners is used in accordance with the international standards so as to fulfill the demands of customers. They come across different inspections and tests so as to check the quality and durability of these fasteners.



With it, to prevent these fasteners from damage and rust they are packed in the high quality of packaging material with complete product labeling.

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