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DIN 2.4668

The Inconel DIN 2.4668 Electrodes are the most known grade of Inconel alloy. This electrode is made by using top quality raw material and it is manufactured to meet the various industrial standards and norms. This grade of Inconel electrodes offer a wide variety of features like good creep and rupture strength, high resistance to fatigue, and it is hardened by cold and hot working process. It is designed to use mainly in the welding process and various other applications like gas turbine operations, jet engines, metal parts of aircraft etc.


The Inconel DIN 2.4668 electrodes are available in standard size and as per the customer specific requirement. It has standards length 100mm to 6000mm and diameter 10mm to 100mm. It is available in filler wire and coil wire-type electrode.


Testing and packaging:


The Inconel product goes through the strict quality test before dispatching them to clients like hardening test, flattening test, pitting resistance test, PMI testing, and others. This electrode is individually wrapped by hand to maintain the product quality and avoid damage in the last stage of production. This will pack or stored in plywood case or pallet to ensure safe packaging.



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