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DIN 2.4668

Inconel DIN 2.4668 Tubing is also known as Inconel 718 tubes that are basically fabricated from the high-quality raw material that adhere to national and international standards. Thus these tubing are a nickel-base alloy that possesses superior tensile strength, mechanical properties and corrosion resistance to post-weld age cracking. This grade of tubing enhances great hardness throughout machining procedure. These tubing sustain high temperature and force. Furthermore, it withstands in harsh climatic conditions. The tubing facilitates superior heat during welding and cutting. Also, it has the great tendency to generate good fragility in stress rupture.


The production of these Inconel tubing is done as per the set norms and standards of the firm. The manufacturing company utilizes the high graded tools and equipment to bring out perfection and dimensional accuracy in the product. These tubing are available in comprehensive range, shapes, thickness, and size in accordance to the demands or needs specified by the patrons.


The thorough inspections and testing are performed throughout the production level. Such test is like hardness test, mechanical test, flaring test, tensile strength test and many more.


At last the entire products are appropriately packed in wooden cases/pallets/cartons.

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