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DIN 2.4668

Inconel DIN 2.4668 Valves are high strength and corrosion resistance valves. It has a good blend of nickel and chromium content that is the ideal choice for industrial applications. It has also some amount of molybdenum, iron, aluminium, carbon and more.  It is fabricated easily into any complex designs. It has good welding characteristics that it can be easily welded by conventional methods. Moreover, it has the ability to resist post welding cracking.


Due to this feature, these valves are used in a wide range of pressurized industrial applications. These can also withstand in cryogenic temperatures. Manufacturers use finest raw materials for fabrication of valves and they enrolled it with latest machines to get precise dimensions. Inconel valves come with good tolerance limit and machining allowance so that it can be used for different applications.


These are processed from heat treatment process to get refine dimensions.


Packaging options-


Wooden boxes, crates, cases, pallets are used for packing of Inconel DIN 2.4668 Valves. One can choose as per their suitability or demand any other. This prominent packing ensures none of any product gets damage while shipping.

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