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DIN 2.4816

Inconel DIN 2.4816 Bolts are made from the alloy containing chromium as the base component with nickel. It has an exceptional resistance to aqueous rust, is readily formed and has high mechanical strength. It can be fabricated as well as machined with ease. It is the high quality product and belongs to the Nickel family. It is used just because of its high tensile at high temperature.  It is mostly used for applications including stills, heaters, tube sheets, and evaporator tubes and so on.  Design, as well as precision machining, makes sure torque free with close tolerances or outstanding finishes. It is holding some astonishing properties like durability, strength, and reliability.


Product detail-


The size of it is starting from 3 mm and up to 200 mm and next, the length of it is from M 02 to M 333. The specifications of it are BS, ASTM, IS and so on. It includes various finishing that is hot dip galvanized, coating layer, rust oil, black paint and more. It can be also got with special packaging services and can be even exported.

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