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DIN 2.4816

Inconel is having good corrosion resistance, high temperature, good fabricability, high tensile strength etc. also it is having other attributes like withstanding heavy loads, anti-corrosive, rugged construction, pitting resistance, commendable dimension accuracy, stress corrosion cracking resistance etc. All these have made the item ideal choice for various industrial and engineering application wants. Today just because of all above-mentioned features it has become very high in demand among the industrialist for easily and effectively satisfying wants. You can buy Flanges Inconel DIN 2.4816 for your industry.


The dimensions of it are ASTM, AISI, API, JIS, DIN, EN, BS, ASME etc. The flanges types are welding neck flange, orifice flange, spade blind, handhole, manhole, ring spacer, spectacle blind, reducing flange, threaded flange, long welding neck flange, slip on flanges and socket welding flange. The face type is the flat face, small groove/tongue, lap joint face, raised face, ring joint type, large female/male, small female/male, and large groove/tongue. The size, length, grade, wall thickness etc is varying differently as per buyers demand.


The item is passing through various tests like PMI test, flattening test, macro test, micro test etc to ensure the stunning quality of flange production.

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