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DIN 2.4851

Inconel  DIN 2.4851 Fasteners has become the most usable and efficient product for industrial sectors these days. It is highly rust and oxidation resistant even under harsh thermal cycling. Typical applications of the properties of this inconel fastener can be found in such grounds as chemical processing, aerospace, thermal processing, power generation, as well as pollution control. It is commonly utilized for soaring temperature applications and highly rust atmospheres and even the blend of two.



This is a nickel and chromium alloy content product, along with the aluminum for exceptional combat to oxidation. It is best known for its fine finish, durability, increased tensile strength, reliability, accurate dimensional accuracy and other qualities.



Moreover, it can be strengthened by cold working and is not age hardenable. It is involving a few specifications – ASTM, IS sand BS. The length of it is ranging from M 02 to M 33 and the size is from 3 mm to 200 mm. it can be got from the supplier, as per your specifications and needs. Also, it is affordable to purchase. It is crammed in waterproof wooden pallets or other materials, in order to ensure its safety till the last ground of production.


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