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DIN 2.4851

Are you searching high tensile nuts? Then you can prefer Inconel DIN 2.4851 Nuts. The Inconel nuts are most engineered nuts used in numerous application because of its unmatched strength, these bare high impact loads with resisting distortion. These nuts offer great resistance to corrosive and chemical media ideal for moist environments and chemical processing. Its excellent machinability and formability tend them the great option for fabricating industry sectors. The Inconel nuts come with tolerance and machining allowance use for different fittings.




These are manufactured in different shapes such as hex head, eye nut, wing nut, coupling nut, dome, acorn, square, round, T, U shape and so on. IS, ASTM, BS, ASTM/ ASME A/ SA 193 are standards consider in manufacturing these nuts. The dimensions as follows- M02 to M30, the length ranges from 3 mm to 200 mm and other custom dimensions. METRIC, BSW, BSF, UNC, UNF are thread grades of these nuts.


To obtain the finest quality production manufacturers perform quality tests like a mechanical test, positive material testing, IGC test, micro or macro test, and third-party inspection.

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