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DIN 2.4851

Inconel DIN 2.4851 Valves are the superior valves available at reasonable prices. It is made up from the chromium and nickel content. It is used where the high heating temperature and oxidation resistance is required. It is a versatile alloy having good mechanical attributes and the perfect combination of weldability and strength. It offers excellent resistance when drive-in chloride environments and when exposed to chemicals like sulfides, acids, and alkalis.


The heat treatment process makes it durable in the application of an adverse environment. It is comprised of good features such as machinability, fabricability, and formability.


Quality tests performed by the manufacturers-


To deliver top-notch products parallel to national and international standards manufacturer conduct different tests. The tests are a mechanical test, hardness test, tensile test, PMI, chemical test/ spectro analysis, and intergranular corrosion test. Other tests are an ultrasonic test, radiographic test, pitting corrosion test and third-party inspection. 


Inconel DIN 2.4851 Valves are packed and delivered in the standard packing of wooden boxes, crates, cartons, and pallets rolled with a plastic film that adds protection from rusting while exporting. You can obtain it online at affordable price.

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