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DIN 2.4856

Inconel DIN 2.4856 flanges are manufactured and shipped globally, because of its ultimate strength, this is ideal for high strength assemblies. Inconel flanges have the anti-stress rupture and creep property, ideal for heavy industrial works, these are able to withstand in elevated temperatures, without any deformation, makes it safest option for boiler fittings. It has different thread grades or tolerance limits so that these can easily fit in assemblies. These are delivered on wooden crates or boxes.


Specifications and dimensions


ASTM B564, ASME SB SB564 are standards of flanges. Manufactures use quality crude materials for processing these flanges, with the help of latest machinery, the mob with dimensional accuracy and surface finish, harden by heat treatment process, and finish by bright black polish. Sizes are ½” NB to 60 NB, flat face, raised face, ring type shapes or can be customized as per customer norms. Manufacturer do the various quality test before dispatching some are positive material test, intergranular corrosion test, flattening and flaring test, and third-party inspection. Inconel DIN 2.4856 flanges come at impressive prices; you can buy for high tensile assemblies.

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