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Inconel Screw

Inconel screws are specialized fasteners that resist corrosion, heat, and wear. These screws are made from Inconel alloy, a type of metal with solid properties such as high-temperature resistance and meagre thermal expansion. Inconel screws are used in various applications where other fasteners may not be suitable due to their difficult working conditions. For instance, Inconel screws can be used in applications exposed to caustic chemicals or temperatures around 700° C. Additionally, Inconel's unique combination of strength, durability and fatigue resistance make it an ideal material for fastening applications that require assembling small parts.

The main reason for the broad application of this Inconel screw is that they are outstanding in many heat, pressure and temperature conditions. These screws are available in grades of different types, such as Inconel 600/ 601/ 625/ 800/ 825 800HT/ 925/ 718/ and 330 screws. All these grades make them very useful for a wide range of uses in chemical, petrochemical, construction, mechanical, domestic services, paper, plastic and many other industries. These screws are high in chromium content, which makes them good in corrosion resistance. They can control the hot and cold working conditions and thermal treatment processes environment, providing increased strength.

Inconel screws are widely used fasteners and have been trusted for decades due to their strength, corrosion, and heat resistance. Inconel screws offer excellent strength-to-weight ratios and are resistant to oxidizing acids and reducing non-oxidizing acids. This makes Inconel the perfect choice when assembling components exposed to harsh environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures and high humidity. Additionally, Inconel screws can be secured with just about any tool, including power tools. With Inconel screws providing such dependable protection for joints and ensuring reliable performance over extended use periods, it's easy to understand why they remain a popular choice among engineers.

Specifications and sizes-

The screws made by us are available with the specifications of ASTM B 166 and ASME SA 166, along with the standards of IS, ASTM, BS and many other international standards. The size range can be costumed per your needs, but we also have many pre-available sizes of M3 to M56 and in inches from 3/6" to 2". One doesn't have to worry about types for Inconel screws as they come in head hex, socket head, socket set, anchor set, blind rivet, threaded screw, steel shoulder, panel screw and machine types.

FAQ's for Inconel Screw

Inconel is a corrosion-resistant alloy, which means it is resistant to various types of corrosion, including rust. Inconel's high nickel and chromium content gives it excellent corrosion resistance in various environments, including highly acidic or caustic environments.

The best welding type for Inconel screws is Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), also known as Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding. This method is widely considered the best option for welding Inconel screws due to its precision and ability to produce high-quality welds.

Weight typically lists the weight of a screw according to its size and thread type. The weight of an Inconel screw will depend on its diameter, length, and thread type. For example, a 1/4 inch diameter Inconel screw, with a length of 1 inch, with a full thread type, would weigh significantly less than a same-size screw with a double thread.

Price is based on various factors. Generally, Inconel screw price starts from INR 80/piece to INR 150/piece.



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