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UNS N06600

If you are looking for the superior quality electrodes, then you are in the right place. Here we would like to let you know about Inconel UNS N06600 Electrodes, which are the most popular choice of industrial sectors around the world. This Inconel electrode is easy to fabricate or welded and can be uncovered to the extremely high temperature. Moreover, it is immune to rust and has increased tensile strength along with robust construction. It is easy to install and non-magnetic in nature. It is said to be a good conductor of heat and electricity, both. It is being today preferred by many industries for use in applications including radiant tubes, roller hearths, steam dryers, furnace retort seals, reactor vessel, inlet stub tunes and more.


If we discuss its length and sizes that are now available in customized choices. So this means, anyone can purchase it from vendors as per their specifications or necessities. It is designed to keep in mind all the international or industry standards. With this, it comes across various test reports such as macro test, flattening test, third party inspection reports, and more.

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